Interactive Guided Writing Prompts for Kindergarten

Interactive Picture Writing Prompts

Interactive: Our writing prompts are interactive, meaning students will be doing more than just writing. They will be coloring, cutting, pasting, and even interacting with friends and family members to complete the writing tasks. The writing prompts are all intended to be cut out and placed inside a writer’s notebook. The notebook can be used for a portfolio of work for homeschoolers or as a take-home keepsake for families.

Guided Writing Prompts

Guided: Our writing prompts feature easy to follow instructions that will build writing independence in your students. Each sheet includes a fill-in-the-blank style response that serves as a jumping-off point for even the most reluctant of writers. A word bank featuring common responses is provided so students are about to build sentences independently when possible.

Kindergarten Writing Prompts

For each month of the year, we’ve developed fun, interactive writing prompts that are sure to be a hit with your students. Each month will build upon the previously learned skills from the prior month, so you can rest assured that you’ll be developing strong, creative writers with this standards-based curriculum. Here is a look at each individual month:

Kindergarten Writing Prompts for September

Check out these fun and interactive writing prompts for September. September themes include back to school, all about me, apples and more!

Kindergarten Writing Prompts for October

Autumn is in full swing with these free fall writing prompts for kindergarten. Students cover fun topics including pumpkins, squirrels, Halloween, bats, spiders and more!

Kindergarten Writing Prompts for November

November writing themes cover squirrels, owls, veteran's day, voting, thanksgiving, turkeys and more!

Kindergarten Writing Prompts for December

December writing themes cover Christmas, snow, presents, ugly sweaters, gingerbread, Yeti and so much more!

Kindergarten Writing Prompts for January

January writing themes cover arctic animals, penguins, extreme winter sports, snow, and so much more.

Kindergarten Writing Prompts for February

February writing exercises cover Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Black History, and Dental Care themes.

Kindergarten Writing Prompts for March

Spring is in the air with these fun writing prompts for March. Themes include Book Reports, St. Patrick's Day, Butterflies, and Frogs.

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