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Comprehensive Kindergarten Reading Program.

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Reading by the First Week!

R.E.A.D. is a 36-week curriculum that provides you with everything you need to teach your child to read.  Structured over a 4-day week this program covers phonics, digraphs, blends, sight words, grammar, and writing. Best of all, you'll have interactive, hands-on activities to keep your child engaged while learning with little to no prep work required. 

  • 4 Days a Week over 36 Weeks
  • One Word Family per week
  • 2-3 Sight Words per week
  • Beginning Blends cycle every fifth week
  • 60-page Interactive Grammar Notebook
  • Weekly Writing Prompts
  • Science Sequencing & Drawing Activities
  • Daily Warm Up Activities

Your Student will LOVE our Reading Programs!

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Hands-On Learning Resources

Low-Prep Format

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Simple, Low-Prep Format

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Simple Schedules

Simple Format Outlines

No Expensive Teacher Guides

Encourages Independence

"My son was diagnosed with dyslexia earlier this year. I have been looking for something to help supplement what we already have. I have been able to pinpoint some things that he struggles with and this curriculum definitely helps address some of those challenges. Repetition is extremely important, especially in different ways. It helps my son get extra exposure to things like phonograms and word blends without seeming like overkill." -KC (R.E.A.D. K)

"I am very impressed with this curriculum. My child LOVES completing the work, it is set up very well. My daughter has really developed an interest in reading again. Thank you for the amazing program at an affordable price!" -Stephanie A (R.E.A.D. K)

"I purchased this bundle after my son’s Kindergarten school closed its doors permanently during the COVId-19 shutdown. He was so excited to continue to learn how to read, and I have to say he LOVES this program and so do I. (...) Using the READ curriculum, he is now reading with confidence! The activities are age-appropriate, he enjoys the games in both READ and Interactive Math. (...) All of these curriculum programs are wonderfully laid out, easy to understand as a parent, easy to use for the child, and affordable. I would highly recommend the Kindergarten Bundle, it’s worth every penny!" -Lynette Tucker (Kindergarten Bundle)

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