Frog Life Cycle Printables

Learning about the frog life cycle provides you with a fantastic opportunity to take your students out for a field trip.  Homeschoolers LOVE field trips just as much as students in a standard classroom setting.  Early spring is a great time to visit a local pond or wetlands to go listen to the frogs croaking.  If you have a net and a tank you might go tadpole hunting to bring a little learning back to your classroom.  Follow-up with these free Frog life cycle printables:

Life Cycle of a Frog Chart

This is a beautiful, full-color chart of the frog's life cycle. From egg to adult students can learn the different stages in development. Hang this beautiful chart in your classroom and follow up with the worksheets below.

Life Cycle of a Frog Spinner Wheel

This is a free printable frog life cycle minibook for students to color, cut out and assemble. Each piece of the pie shows a different stage in the frog life cycle.

Frog Life Cycle Writing Activity

This is a free printable writing worksheet for beginning writers. The page features the different stages of the frog life cycle and prompts students to write sentences with sequencing transitions.

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