Vowels & Vowel Teams

It is important that students are taught early on that letters can have more than one sound…. it’s just the nature of the English language.  However, learning about vowels and their sounds can be a bit confusing for kindergarteners. Take time to teach the vowels and the consonants first, then bring in the letter sounds.  When teaching the letter sounds be sure to explain that vowels have a short sound, and a long sound. An easy way to remember which is which, is that long vowel sounds get to say their name.  So, for example, long A says “AY” and long E says “EE” etc… 

Vowel Sounds Chart

This is a full-color, printable chart featuring the short and long vowel sounds. For each sound a corresponding beginning letter sound picture is shown for reference.

Spin Read and BUMP Games

Spin, Read, and BUMP will have your students giggling while they learn key vowel team words! This game is super fun and can be played as single player or multi-player with just a few adaptations. 

Find more Vowel Printables Here:

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