Kindergarten Spelling Notebook

Each page of our spelling notebook features a single letter and words that begin with that letter.  We recommend printing your notebook either double-sided or in a booklet form.  Space has been allotted for a three-hole punch or alternate form of binding. These spelling notebooks make great take-home booklets for children to work on their words with their parents and a great supplement alongside Dolch word curriculum.  Encourage students to write in their spelling notebooks as they learn new words.  When your student is struggling with a specific word, help them add it to their notebook for easy reference later on.  Soon, students will not need to look back, and will remember how to spell common words.

Encourage children to learn as many words as they can by rewarding them with a small sticker next to the word they’ve learned. Show children that they can add words to their spelling notebook with the additional line provided.  Give them a goal of finding at least one new word for each letter.


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