Spelling Printables

Spelling goes hand in hand with reading and writing skills. It’s important for children to understand letter sounds and word formation. During the kindergarten year, students will not be able to spell very many words as the emphasis is generally on reading and not writing.  However, if you can sneak in a little spelling with rhyming word families or even the most frequent sight words, you’re sure to set your kindergarten student up for success.  We’ve made some handy resources you can use to help your children learn to read and spell words appropriate for kindergarten and beyond.  Keeping a spelling journal will help students strive towards independence in their writing exercises.

Kindergarten Spelling Notebook

A free 26 page spelling journal for kindergarten. Each page of our spelling notebook features a single letter and words that begin with that letter.

Making Words Workbook

Phonics and spelling has never been so fun! This is a great way to get your children building words from letter tiles. Each worksheet has everything you need for scissor practice, word family phonics, spelling and handwriting!

Blends and Diagraphs Printables

Diagraphs, Consonant Blends and Word Families are the building blocks of reading. Children can arrange and rearrange these printable cards to form a variety of new words. These cards are 2 inches in height making them just right for you pocket charts.

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