Free Kindergarten Writing Prompts

Storytelling is an important skill that helps children put their thoughts into words. It can be difficult for very young children to just tell a story though. They need some guidance. Better yet, they need a prompt that will set their imagination soaring. That is where story starters come in.

Free Kindergarten Story Starters:

Kindergarten story starters need to be simple enough that any 5-year-old could finish the thought. However, you do not want them to be too simple. The best story starters will have young children reading or writing several sentences. It gets the ball rolling for them, and inspires them to build their storylines. Try some of these free kindergarten writing prompts with your kindergartener this week.

50 Story Starters for Kindergarten

  1. If I flew to the moon, I would
  2. I went to the end of a rainbow, and found
  3. If I were 10 feet tall, I could
  4. My favorite season is______, because I can____
  5. You won’t believe the strangest thing I have ever seen. It was
  6. One time I took my teddy bear on an adventure. So, we
  7. If I owned a big boat, I would
  8. The best part about kindergarten is
  9. When I am 100 years old, I will
  10. I found $1000 on the road, so I
  11. When I grow up, I want to
  12. The craziest dream I ever had was
  13. If I could live under the ocean, I would
  14. If I could be any animal, I would
  15. I think 5 years olds should be allowed to
  16. I am a superhero and this is what I can do.
  17. Jack took me up the beanstalk and we
  18. Once, I snuck onto Santa’s sleigh, and then
  19. If I were as small as an ant, the world would
  20. What was your best day ever? What made it special?
  21. Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the universe?
  22. A genie promised me 3 wishes, so I chose
  23. My favorite color is______, because____________________
  24. My bedroom is so cool because
  25. My dad has taught me
  26. If I could build a house, it would
  27. I just got this super awesome, kid-sized car, and then
  28. If I could go into space, I might
  29. My grandmother always
  30. When I was a baby, I
  31. The best part about my neighborhood is
  32. The worst day ever was when
  33. In the winter, I
  34. I bet you never knew I could
  35. What is your favorite story? Can you tell it to me?
  36. If I were a farmer, I would grow
  37. Last night, I dreamt
  38. If you were trapped on a desert what 3 things would you want to have with you?
  39. Once upon a time, there was
  40. When I went to the zoo
  41. I was digging a hole, and then I found
  42. I cast my line into the lake, and then
  43. I walked backwards for two days, and then
  44. My sister made me
  45. The coolest toy ever would be
  46. If I could live in a movie, I would 
  47. If I were a parent, my kids would
  48. If you could design a vehicle what would it be?
  49. My favorite gift ever was
  50. The first memory I have is

Interactive Kindergarten Writing Prompts

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