Subtraction Color by Number Worksheets

Free Subtraction Color by Number Worksheets for Kindergarten! Kindergarteners and young learners need regular practice with their subtraction facts, so make it fun with our free Color by Subtraction Printable Worksheets. We’ve created a fun set of 12 different color by code worksheets for student to work on subtraction from 10, and subtraction from 20.

And if addition practice is also on your list of things to do, check out our Minute Spin It Math Drills: Addition for hands-on, fun learning activities and games to help your student master his/her addition facts. Covers numbers 0-10 and includes secret math codes, math jokes, and 4 in a row addition bingo. You might actually have to make your students stop once they start!

Subtraction Color by Number Worksheets 0-10

These six space-themed printable worksheets make learning single-digit subtraction facts easy and engaging. Just below you’ll find resources for differences from numbers up to 10. Keep scrolling for differences from 20 as we have a similar set available below.

Color By Subtraction Facts Worksheet 10-20

These free printable subtraction color by number worksheet focus on differences from 20. Subtrahends will be from 11 to 20, and students will subtract various equations to find the difference and color each space according to the Color by Number Key.

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  • Nancy Gonzalez Reply

    Thank you for these great subtraction resources. I will be using them for end of the year review or can use them for my fast finishers. The hidden pictures are so much fun!

    May 3, 2022 at 8:04 pm

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