January Kindergarten Writing Prompts

Are you looking for some fun, interactive, no-prep writing prompts for your kindergarten students? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve recently released our January Writing Prompts for Kindergarten Pack, and it is jam-packed with engaging writing activities for your students. This writing prompt pack is part of our Year-Long Interactive Writing Bundle, which is now available in our store.

Kindergarten Writing Prompts for Winter

Just because Christmas has passed, doesn’t mean winter has! For January, we’ve included lots of Winter topics and themes:

  • Snowmen Writing Prompts
  • New Year’s Eve Writing Prompts
  • Arctic Animal Writing Prompts
  • Penguin Writing Prompts
  • Extreme Winter Sports Writing Prompts
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Writing Prompts

Snowman Concrete Poetry

This little snowman is melting! Your kindergarten students will decide what kinds of expressions a melting snowman might make. “My nose if looking droopy,” or “Where did my button go?” These thoughts are then written around the outside of the snowman to create a unique example of concrete poetry. Students needing a little help can use some of the expressions from the word bank.

Arctic Animals Writing Prompts

Arctic Animal Writing Prompt: Adjective & Nouns

There is always something exciting when learning about arctic animals! Students love learning all about these unique creatures that were designed to live in extremely cold weather climates. We’ve created many fun activities to build writing and grammar skills while your student learns about Arctic animals.

One exciting arctic animal is the narwhal! With its unique tusk (or tooth), the narwhal is a fascinating create to learn more about during the winter months. Students using our program will write facts about narwhals, compare them to other arctic animals. Young writers will learn how to draw their own narwhal while writing out the sequence of necessary steps.

Penguin Writing Prompts

Oh, the poor penguins who never meet a polar bear! While penguins aren’t Arctic animals, they are certainly polar animals, and a great creature to learn about in the winter. Your kindergarten students will use these penguin writing prompts to keep track of simple facts, and interesting finds. Learning to draw a penguin is another fun hands-on writing activity in this set.

Arctic Animal Sequencing Prompts

Wrapping up the Arctic animal writing prompts, we have activities for snowy owls and the Arctic fox. Students learn and write about their life cycles, and finish the story prompts with their own ending. These stories are specifically designed with young readers in mind. Your kindergarten students will build key retelling skills with these writing activities.

New Year Writing Prompts

It wouldn’t be a package of January Writing Prompts without the traditional New Year’s Eve Resolution Prompt! We’ve included guided examples for students to write in their New Year’s resolutions, goals, and problem-solving skills.

Winter can be a time of extreme weather! Extreme is the key-word for these next writing prompts! Students retell of a time when the power went out at their house and tell of any extreme winter sports they have tried.

While we’re talking all things extreme, we thought it would be fun for your kiddos to build their own Extreme Snow Cone Menu! Students spin and build their flavor profiles with extreme options like blue-cheese, and bubble gum!

Our Kindergarten Writing Prompts for January will have your kiddos begging for more! Each of the 20 unique, hands-on writing activities has been designed to target important writing skills while keeping your little ones engaged. Best of all, it’s available in an instant download so you can get started today!

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