Free Fall Printables for Kindergarten

Fall Worksheets for Kindergarten

If you are looking for some fun fall activities you can use in your kindergarten classroom, then you’ve come to the right place! We have a fun variety of free fall kindergarten printables that will work perfectly in your homeschool or standard classroom setting. Each of the fall activities features fun thematic graphics like pumpkins, monsters, candy corn and more. And each resource has been designed to add a little fun to increase student engagement with your kindergarten lessons.

Free Fall Worksheets:

Free Monster Writing Prompts

If you have beginning writers, you’ll find these free monster writing prompts especially helpful to use this Fall. Each monster is different and contains a unique writing prompt for students to complete. You’ll likely end up with student’s wanting to complete more than one!

Free Harvest Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

These harvest-themed math worksheets feature inequalities, tally marks, addition and following directions.

Free Pumpkin Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

Pumpkin Patch Emoji Math is a set of 6 worksheets that will bring a little holiday fun to your Kindergarten classroom. Students work on key math skills including graphing, number words, tally marks, inequalities and more.

Free Fall Guided Writing Prompts

Guided Writing is a fantastic way to build important writing skills during the kindergarten year. Here you'll find two writing prompts you can use for your Halloween and Thanksgiving lessons.

Free Fall Comparing Math Worksheets

Students build number line skills by writing in the one more and one less from the given numbers. This free set of worksheets has a fun fall theme featuring pumpkins and sunflowers.

More Fall Activities for Kindergarten

If you are looking for more fall fun for your kindergarten classroom. Be sure to check out our eStore, where you can find a huge variety of resources to help you teach this season. We’ve created interactive science projects, early readers, fall art activities, fall writing prompts, and so much more! Click Here for Details

Fall Printables Books Kindergarten

4-Fun-Filled, Thanksgiving-Themed early readers you can use to teach the story of Thanksgiving in your classroom. Students read about the voyage of the Mayflower, the friendships formed with Squanto, and learn what life was like as a Wampanoag Indian,

The Perfect Pumpkin: Printable Book for Kindergarten

  • The story of the hunt for a perfect pumpkin.
  • Sight Words: I, see, a, like, little, big, pick, perfect, pumpkin.
  • Vocabulary Words: Oval, triangle, square, rectangle.

We Sail: Printable Book for Kindergarten

  • The story of the pilgrim’s journey aboard the Mayflower (non-fiction)
  • Sight Words: See, are, is, like, me, no get, for, have.
  • Vocabulary Words: Sail, ship, pilgrim, land, winter, freedom, Mayflower.

New Friends: Printable Book for Kindergarten

  • The story of the friendship formed between the Pilgrims and the Woodland Tribes (non-fiction)
  • Sight Words: Were, had, is live, get, help, us, have.
  • Vocabulary Words: Friends, harvest, Indian, Squanto

Woodland Tribes Printable Book for Kindergarten

  • The story of a specific Woodland tribe called the Wampanoag. (non-fiction)
  • Sight Words: They, are, in people, help, get, have, live.
  • Vocabulary Words: Wampanoag, hunter, canoe, Indian, tribe, woodland.

Fall Science Projects for Kindergarten

This set includes five engaging science experiments and challenges for Thanksgiving. Each thematic activity guides students through a fun, hands-on science exploration with very little prep-work. Students work their way through the scientific method using step-by-step science journals. Each experiment includes a follow-up activity for added learning.

The experiments and challenges included are:

  • Dancing Popcorn
  • Leaf Pounding
  • Peculiar Pinecones
  • Making Butter
  • Cranberry Building Challenge

You will also find scientific method posters (color and bw) included with this pack to help your students through research and discovery. Click Here for Details.