Harvest Math Fun

This is a set of three engaging math printables designed to add some autumn fun to your classroom. These harvest-themed math worksheets feature inequalities, tally marks, addition and following directions.  For a little extra fun, you can expand your learning of tally marks and inequalities by teaching with fall candy corn or pumpkins.  Students can grab a handful and then use the candies to create the same equations on their worksheets.  Of course, they can munch what is left after a hard days work!

Fall Find and Tally

Find and Tally Fall Math is a quick worksheet that will bring a little holiday fun to your Kindergarten classroom. Students count and color each fall themed object and use tally marks to record how many they found. Then, students use reasoning skills to determine if they have enough to complete each task.

Fall Friendly Pumpkins

Students practice following directions and sorting through the friendly pumpkins. Then they will count each type of pumpkin and write the totals.

Comparing Candy Corn: Greater Than, Less Than

This cute little Halloween freebie will get your students comparing candy corn using greater than, less than and equal to symbols. At the bottom they will discover how to use a dot plot to record data.

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