Word Family Printables

Word Families are a group of words with the same ending. For example cat, rat, mat, hat, bat are all part of the “at” word family. Learning about word families is a key part of learning to read. Children can pick up on patterns and rhyming sounds very quickly which in turn lends to reading confidence and reading success.

Word Family Charts

Full page printables featuring a different word family on each chart. These can be used as is or printed in various sizes for classroom handouts. Each page includes visual and written words for the word family.

Word Family Handwriting

These full page handwriting worksheets take children through specific words as related to the word family. Children can practice tracing then writing on their own. Each worksheet features visual images across the top for reading practice.

Word Family Making Words

These worksheets aid children in understanding that letters make up words, and that we can change and rearrange letters to form new words. Use the letters across the top or letter tiles and watch children start making words!

Word Family Early Readers

We've designed our early readers to be just the right size for little hands. Each minibook takes a single sheet of paper and presents children with early reading opportunities for each phonetic sound.

Word Family Game Cards

Children learn best when they are having fun! Use these printable matching games to create a fun learning environment in your classroom. These can be used in a game of concentration, or for single player file folder games.

Individual Word Family Packs

Looking for an easy way to print our resources? Join our free newsletter for easy print packs! These packs are organized by word family and are ready to go. Simply print up a pack and you'll be working on a new word family with your children.

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