Alphabet Animals

Students entering kindergarten should have already been introduced to the alphabet.  These topics are generally covered during the preschool year.  However, it’s also very common that kindergarten students might not have a solid understanding of both uppercase and lowercase letter variations, or letter sounds.   So, reviewing the alphabet at the beginning or over the course of the year is always helpful.  You might even add in some ASL learning for your students who are ahead of the game.

We’ve created some adorable animal alphabet printables! You’ll find notebooking charts, flash cards, and an entire classroom alphabet strip. This is a colorful set made with graphics from Ink N Little Things. If you want easy print options consider joining our Members Print Free area, where subscribers receive one click downloads and exclusive member offers.

Animal ABC Handwriting Pack

Our ABC handwriting pages are great for children who are beginning to write. Children trace the letters, then try out their own letters in the blank spaces provided. Each worksheet features upper and lower case lettering practice, as well as four easy read beginning letter words.

Animal ABC Chart

This is a simple animal alphabet chart you can hang in your classroom or pass out for use in student notebooks. This makes an excellent reference in a language arts mini office as well.

Animal Alphabet Flashcards

A full color set of 3.5 x 5 inch alphabet flashcards. Print on cardstock and laminate for durability. Each card features a letter, picture, and picture word.

Animal ABC Wall Charts

This is a classroom size alphabet strip. Simply print and hang up where ever you want children to easily reference the alphabet. instructional fonts.

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