I Can Read…Free Printables

Learning to read doesn’t have to be expensive and YOU can teach your child for free with our Word Family and Sight Word Printables.  Word Families are a group of words with the same ending.  For example cat, rat, mat, hat, bat are all part of the “at” word family.  Learning about word families is a key part of learning to read.  Children can pick up on patterns and rhyming sounds very quickly which in turn lends to reading confidence and reading success.

If you’re looking for our Word Family Packs, you can also access our resources by type below:

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I’m an ESL teacher in Abu Dhabi. I came across your site looking for something creative for my one of my challenging kids. I love it. I’ve been incorporating using sign language to help them spell better.
Love what you’ve done.

thank you again,

Maloney’s home school here, My 5 year old loves doing this she said they are fun and easy and now my 2 year old is watching and trying too. Helps them learn and easy for them.